Why Many Couples Chose Bali as Their Elopement Wedding Destination

by - June 23, 2019

“Should we just eloping?” This question might pop out in your head when you feel distressed about planning your wedding day. Given the high cost of a wedding, daunting wedding preparation and so on, eloping might be a good option to consider.

There are many good wedding destination, but Bali could be the best choice for your remarkable elopement. These are 7 main reasons why you should choose Bali as your elopement wedding destination.

  • From beach to jungle, they have it all!
Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, Bali still become the most suitable elopement wedding destination for you. If you wish to say “I do! ” under the breathtaking scenery of Bali beach, then you can elope to Kuta. If beach is not to your liking, worry not! There’s a jungle riverside or even an edge cliff with Indian Ocean view for your romantic elopement wedding. For you a healthy mania, there’s also a resort that specializes in serving healthy food. Anyway, Bali is an ideal elopement destination for any kind of couple out there.

  • Your friends and family would totally love it
It is indeed your elopement wedding, but it’s okay to bring your family or your close friends to your big day, right? The good news is, Bali always has something for everyone. If your friends love to surfing on the fierce waves of the ocean, there are many great surf spots in Bali, such us Uluwatu, Bingin or Suluban. Your family might love milder activities like river rafting, trekking to waterfalls or even just strolling around Bali. There are many delicious foods that they might never taste before.

  • Honeymoon and pre-wedding parties in one package.
Planning for your big day is hard enough, so you might not have enough time for preparing your honeymoon, let alone a bachelor/bachelorette party. Guess what, you can do all of it in Bali!

Before your big day, you could have some fun with your close friends and make it unforgettable. For the ocean lover, you could rent a private boat package, including with cocktail bartender and beautiful ladies to serve your drinks. For the bride who loves to dance, tourist centers of Kuta or Seminyak could be the best place for you to boogie.

After your big day, you could also start your honeymoon immediately on the next day. There are many luxurious honeymoon destinations and it’s unexpectedly affordable. Like always, when it comes to Bali, you can absolutely choose any type of honeymoon. Either it is an extreme one like diving in Nusa Lembongan or relaxing in some private villa in Ubud.

  • Splurge or save, it’s your choice!
When it’s about Bali, you might only spend $700 up to $6000 for your wedding packages. Then again, it depends on your budget, your preference and number of your guests.

For a small intimate Bali beach wedding packages, you just have to take $700 out from your pocket. If you want to elope in cliff top ocean or jungle riverside, you might have to spend more. Either way, accommodation and food in Bali are ridiculously cheap (especially if you come from Europe, Australia or Singapore), so it’s still going to be affordable even if you choose some luxurious wedding package.

  • Epic sunset landscape
Sunset is the best setting for a memorable wedding. If you ever get mesmerized by the absolute beauty of a sunset, then multiply it by three and you’ll get how sunset in Bali is. There are more than 10 best spots in Bali for sunset watching, such as Uluwatu, Jimbaran Bay, Gili Islands, Ubud, Seminyak, etc.

  • There are many professional wedding organizer in Bali
If you’re not familiar with Bali, planning for your elopement wedding might be a really difficult task. Fortunately, Bali is a popular wedding destination and there are a bunch of wedding organizers that could help you prepare for the elopement. But, which one of them would be the best organizer for your elopement?

It would be the one who well-known about every part of Bali, either it is about a secret glamorous spot for your wedding or extraordinary foods that suit your taste. Furthermore, it would be better if it costs as little budget as possible. Certainly, it’s important to hire a professional wedding organizer that has a ton of experiences and praised by many previous Bali weds.

Whichever wedding organizer that you choose, you have to make sure that they have authentic positive reviews from the previous clients, exceptional portfolio and easy to communicate. Before the elopement day, make sure to connect well with your wedding organizer, so there won’t be any miscommunication and make your dream wedding come to life.

  • You can choose various wedding packages
After you decide on a wedding organizer, it’s time to choose a suitable wedding package for you. Elopement might be simpler than a usual wedding, but you still want to have a stunning wedding decoration and professional photographer, right?

What’s wonderful about hiring a wedding organizer is they’ll take care of everything. If you have an idea, then they’ll make it happen. Moreover, there are also many wedding packages that you can choose. If you want a full-package then there’s a Ubud Garden Intimate Elopement package. For this package, you would get one bedroom, daily breakfast, Balinese massage, wedding cake, wedding decoration and many more.

If you have a tight schedule, then you can choose one day package on the beach. Even though there’s no wedding decoration, you’ll still get professional photographer and flower shower just for $730.

And those are 7 main reasons why Bali would be a great destination for your elopement wedding. What are you waiting for? Let’s turn your elopement wedding into the best wedding ever.

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