Inexpensive Bali Small Intimate Wedding Venues

by - September 15, 2017

That is right that at the moment, cost for a Bali wedding venue is not low especially the ones with ocean, beach and forest view. 

Beach wedding venue at Nusa Dua area cost starting from USD1,500++.

Cliff top wedding venue in Uluwatu cost starting from USD2,500.

For villa venue even higher as you need to stay at the villa minimum 3 nights, pay the function fee and local community fees can cost USD12,000 for a venue and villa accommodation only which can be 3 - 5 bedroom generally. 

Although it is only the two of you or with only some guest, the cost is the same in a hotel package. However, if you look for something with lower cost, there is some venues that may fit your plan.

Villa with garden.

A villa with garden can be lower cost and still can be beautiful. If you find one which close to the beach then after ceremony you can still have some beach photo session. 

Make sure spare money to pay local beach community for taking wedding or prewedding photo on the beach which is around Rp 300.000.

Bali beaches.

There will be some other tourists passing by on the beach so you need to hire a wedding organizer to make sure there is no other tourist get closer to the ceremony area so not blocking the view.

Although it is just a beach, you will still expected to pay the local community fee and book the venue. Of course, the cost is not as high as in five resort wedding package.

Balangan Cliff Top.

This venue on the cliff top has a majestic ocean view plus sunset right infront of you. 

Amazing view, lower cost, what else that you need? We could not explain more.


Book chapel directly with the resort obviously could cost a world as they are truly beautiful with amazing view. We suggest you to discuss with Bali based wedding organizer and find how much their wedding package for the chapel. They must give a lower cost as they have agent rate.

Wherever the venue that you choose, please hire a professional photographer because although the venue is beautiful but if the photographer can't capture it right then everything won't look nice. The pictures should look even more beautiful than the beautiful venue and setting itself.

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