How To Get Legally Married in Bali

by - September 19, 2017

As many of wedding couple who dream about getting married in Bali wonder if they could get legally married in Bali, here we explain the requirements so the Marriage Certificate will be recognized in your home country. 

First, you need to be agreed that a legal wedding procession in Bali will pass two kinds of ceremonies. 
Religious ceremony then followed by signing a Civil Marriage Certificate witnessed by the local Civil Minister. 

The religious ceremony can choose either in Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic or if your partner is Hindu from Bali then also possible to get legally married in Hindu ceremony.   

For westerners who do not hold any religion, they usually choose to get married in Christian as the ceremony is more familiar for them.

Second, you will need to prepare Birth Certificate, Passport and if you have been married before, you need to have the Divorce Letter or the Death letter. 

You may need to send the copies to your wedding organizer then bring the original when you come to Bali

Third, you need to contact your country’s representative in Indonesia to get a single letter called Certificate of No Impediment (CNI). 

If there is your country’s consulate in Bali, you can contact them or if not then you need to contact your embassy which most of embassy located in Jakarta. 

This letter only valid for three months based on the local Civil Ministry requirements, so you need to ask the Embassy or Consulate to issue the letter in 3 – 2 days before the wedding day.

For Australian, British and American, you will need to come personally to the consulate which located in Bali. 

The consulate require the wedding couple to request appointment date before coming to the consulate. 

You may need to spare budget for Consulate fee which you pay when you come to the consulate or especially for British, the consulate will ask the wedding couple to pay the fee by Credit Card then will confirm the appointment after receive the payment.
When all of those documents complete, you will get the Marriage Certificate on your wedding day, unless you would like to have some copies with legalization from Civil Ministry. 

Special for European, they will need to report their Marriage Certificate to Department of Human Right and Foreign affair in Indonesia so the Marriage Certificate will be recognized in Europe.

This process takes time about 1 – 3 months after the wedding day.

The bride’s name on the Marriage Certificate will be based on their name on Birth Certificate and need to report the Marriage Certificate in their home country to change the last name.

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