Tips planning a wedding in Bali

by - July 03, 2017

So ladies this is a little information about planning a wedding abroad especially in Bali.

We all know that many stressful brides to be out there end up wanting to elope due to many process of the wedding planning that is very tiring, stressful and unexpected. 

Ladies you can minimize all of that anxiety by following these tips based on our experience :

1. Find a wedding planner which has a good price, flexible and reliable,

2. Start to discuss your plan from venue that you like, total guest and budget that you would like to spend - be selective about services/ products they offer - be curious for something that is too cheap and be suspicious for something that looks too expensive for Bali.

3. Choose a venue that is supported to work with.

4. Do not ever work alone without discussing with your planner like discuss with them about the rundown, and timing before printing the invitation, deciding any souvenir and other schedule. Wedding planner know better about the wedding and the area so we dont want you to make mistake or miss any information related,

4. Trust wedding planner about their suggestion like vendors needed i.e. electricity support, sound system, and any other important things needed to support your event

5. Be relaxed one day before the wedding, have enough sleep and think positive.

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